Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Filip - Smart Locater for kids

You have gone through different types of wearable technology gadgets like Smarty Ring, Neptune Pine SmartWatch, Smart Bracelet for young girls, etc. These wearable devices were designed for specific people and purpose. But now its the turn of kids. 

This time, introduced in CES 2014 was a unique wearable tech device of its kind for kids called "Filip".

This device is intentionally designed for kids who are constantly behind exploring new things and are away from their parents. To keep parents and kids connected this device acts well. 

Filip - a device that connects kids with their parents unbound of distance barriers. The major functions include calling, locating, send message, etc. 

Kids can be in touch with their parents via Filip. Mentioned as the one of the clever smart watches by CNN, this device was a heartthrob device in the event of CES 2014. 

This futuristic device can : 

  • Locate your kid
  • Call or message 
  • Set a SafeZone 
  • Protect with Intelligent emergency
Filip comes in 4 vibrant colors. It is a wearable watch like device. Designed by USA It is also called as "Next Gen Communicators". 

To use this device, you have to download the app and set it with the smart watch. Now set free your kids with the use of Filip as it takes care of them due to safe zone technology. This technology will alert parents if any kid is going beyond the safe zones that are set on their smart watches. The safe zones may be schools, classes, playground, etc. Depending upon the location, you can set the safe zone and be tension free for your kids. This technology also informs parents about when their kid has left the place and arriving home. 


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