Monday, 18 November 2013

iPhone Compatible Smart Bracelet for young girls - MEMI

Girls, there is a good news for you. Now you will never miss a phone call or any important text message, as there is a buzz of future technology which is wearable called as "Memi"

Memi is a bracelet that can be worn in your wrist like a normal bracelet. It is the next step towards "Wearable Technology"

The new age of "Smartphones" is arising. It is in the form of wearable tech. 

This is one of them . 

Memi - an iPhone compatible Smart bracelet, is the stylish way of staying connected to your iPhone. 


  • iPhone compatible
  • Wearable tech
  • Notifies about important calls and text messages
  • Remind calendar events
  • Uses bluetooth technology
  • Three distinct vibrations for calls, text messages and alerts
  • On and Off button 
  • Facility of LED light to indicate you when you turn it on and off or when it is charging and when you go out of range
  • Hidden micro USB port 
  • Long battery life

The project started by Kickstarter, has raised about $54,105 with 295 backers.

Memi, is made up of polished aluminium with white plastic breaks. This will be available by 2014 to all who are interested in "Wearable Technology".

Just wear this iPhone compatible smart bracelet, called Memi, and get intimated about your important calls, messages and events in a stylish way.


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