Monday, 28 October 2013

Robotic Car for single person - "ROPITS"

Earlier this year, some months ago, Google had come up with a new invention in "Future cars" called as "Google Driverless cars"

Now Japan, has made an effort of developing a new car that will be accessible for future called as "Ropits" also known as "Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport system". 

Designed by "Hitachi", this car will drive for only one personal. Hence it is named as personal transport system. 

They addressed the major issues in the society like aging, and hence created the world's smallest car which is driven automatically by a robot. 

This car is a single passenger self driven vehicle mainly designed for disabled or aged people. 

ROPITS is not made for roads but for sidewalks with a speed of 3.7 mph.


  1. Quite nice post thanks for share.........

    1. yes, there will be more intelligent transport in the future,like Airwheel

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