Monday, 2 September 2013

Google Driverless cars

Google, the Search Engine giant , has built a new technology to make cars which are driver-less. This sounds somewhat interesting and what the scientists thought of some years ago, now it will be made into reality. The cars till now were working on the instructions of a driver. It had gears, clutch, accelerator, etc and other features. 
As per Wikipedia, the project of making "Driver less cars" is by Google itself. It will be having the responsibility of developing technology for autonomous cars. Being led by Google Engineer, Sebastian Thrun, who is a director at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and also a co-inventor of Google Street View, his team has to develop this project. 

Look at the image of the project - Google's Driverless car

Does this seem to you as a fantasy??????

Don't think that it is a dream. But it will be a dream come true in the automobile industry. A car without driver, driving on its own !!!!!!!!!!

This project will be on the floors as soon as possible in the coming years.

So what are you waiting for .......... Just share this upcoming technology and share with your fellow friends. 


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