Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nymi wirstband - Identity Authentication Method for all your locks online and offline

All these years you have been dealing with the passwords for your gmail account, car lock, Facebook account , etc. How exciting it will be when you just stand in front of them  wearing any wristband which will sense your heart beats and your accounts get unlocked?

A wristband developed by BioNym, Toronto, which senses the wearer’s unique heart electrical activities as an authenticator and identifier. This band will identify the heart beats which are unique and different in every person. They will be sensed and you will get your accounts opened. A totally positive way to not to forget your passwords and no fear of getting your passwords stolen or hacked. 

There is no possibility of any hacker to hack your heart beats. Because he will not be authenticated in your place. 

Using this technique, earlier which devices were locked and unlocked by you using passwords, now will be done with this new technique , Nymi Wristband. Be it your car lock or laptop lock or Facebook account etc. Also a unique way for the user to just stand in front of the screen or car and you get authenticated. Unlike earlier, where you used to use keys or passwords to open them. 

This band will be available in market online for the customers in the early 2014.


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