Monday, 30 December 2013

"The Photosynthesis Bike" that purifies air

Designers from Bangkok, Lightfog Creative and Design, have come up with a concept bicycle, called as "PhotoSynthesis Bike" .


 It shows the next level functionality to bicycles that filters or purifies the polluted air and gives out fresh and oxygen filled air to the environment.

How Air Purifier Bike works :

Air Purifier Bike has an in built air filter that screens dust and pollutants from air, also a photo synthesis system that produces oxygen with an electric motor and a battery. These components start their functionality when the bike is ridden. The polluted air passes through the filter which is located at the front of the bike. Then it is cleaned and then released toward cyclist. 

The effect of riding such type of concept bikes will cut down the pollution from the air from the city and also reduce traffic jams.

This award winning idea has come from the designers Silawat Virakul, Torsakul Kosaikul, and Suvaroj Poosrivongvanid. 


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