Friday, 6 December 2013

Future of Phones - "iWatch"

When mobile phones stepped into our lives, they were at the baby level. Now it has grown into iPhones and Smartphones. Earlier only for call receiving, calling, text messaging were only the features. But as the technology in mobile phones started to blossom, the makers and creators gifted many features like internet, photo sharing, videos, chatting, apps, etc. The list don't end here. 

These were the earlier mobiles. Used for texting, receiving calls, and making calls. 

The years went by and Apple has given lots and lots of innovative gadgets like iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. Now the time has come for "next big thing" in mobile technology.  

The newly innovated device by Apple is "iWatch". 

This is the best iWatch concept made by Martin Hajek and Adam Hanks. 

This device looks like a watch and has a curved screen with resolution in HD.   

It has a special belt made of a combo between a rubber and plastic. The idea behind the design of this smartphone would be to avoid it getting dirty and wet. 

The device is flexible, uses OLED display. 

Designed for all, this concept iWatch will be in market in 2014 or so. 


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