Thursday, 14 November 2013

Adjustable seating in "Concept Airplane" - Morph

Traveling by air is for them who can afford the luxurious services. But the only disadvantage is about the tedious journey on same seat. If the journey is just of 2 or 3 hours it is quiet enjoyable, but if is the long one for 2 days or so, then it is very tiring process. 

Also when we use the seats in an airplane, they are adjustable backwards and forwards. But not sideways. Think of persons who are fat, or who is pregnant lady, or if a person is bony and tall, then sitting for such tedious journeys is very boring and difficult. 

Thinking about all these factors, British design firm, Seymourpowell, has come up with a solution for this problem. 

They have designed an airplane, Morph,  which will have customizable seats which involves bench like piece of furniture that can be adjustable to an individual person's needs. 

In this concept airplane, each seat is covered with stretchy fabric over a foam base clamped by armrests. This is useful in extending out for a larger platform. 

The seat dividers are automated which is useful for a family of 3. 


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