Monday, 25 November 2013

Budgee Bot - to bear your burden while shopping

While shopping you have to carry the bags and loads of burden. Even if shopping is an exciting and interesting task for some, the carrying of loads of bags becomes cumbersome. 

If there is any robot or bot that can carry your burden while you are shopping and also taking care of your pets behind you, then nothing like that.

Introducing, "Budgee Bot", one such bot that saves energy by carrying the burden of bags.

As you can see in the image, this bot is designed for any average user. This bot has a basket and motorized platform that follows you anywhere, carrying your baggage and your pets. 

It can hold upto 50 pounds of stuff. It has sensory bumps and cliffs with auto follow system that will maintain a safe distance from your phone and you.

This tiny little bot can be operated in shopping malls, home or parks, etc. 

This revolutionary product is designed by Five Elements Robotics,  that is a simple problem to ease the issue of carrying bags and loads of burden while shopping or while in parks.