Monday, 25 November 2013

Send emails or voice messages to your kids' toys from your Phone

Have you ever thought that if your kids are at home and you being on the job, want to get connected with your kids at home by sending some messages and asking instant questions or informing them with cool messages, then what would be some tech device that can solve the purpose. 
Imagine this and the product is coming in the future. That is "Toymail". 

Started by Gauri Nanda with her friend who is a mother, has come up with a new email technology, called as "ToyMail" which sends emails or voice mails from your phone directly to the kids' toys. 

ToyMail is like a voicemail service that sends messages or emails from your phone to toys. 

The toy acts speaks the emails or voice messages that are sent from phone instantly. 

Instantly you and your kid get connected via "ToyMail".

The ToyMail is for the kids. In this you can apply a filters to your voice to make your sound funny.

The intention behind making of this product was to get instant replies from the kids as they are unable to pick up the phone and call you about their wants when you are not at home. What is needed is this toy and an iPhone app that sends the messages.

The ToyMail has a built in Wi-Fi support. Before setting up the toymail, you have to download the app from the app store, which is a free download.

The Toymail features: 

  • Send audio messages to kids to any part of the world
  • Apply filters to your voice
  • Receive replies from your kids instantly
  • Store all your sent and received messages