Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Foldable Studio for your Smartphone

When you use your Smartphone to take the pictures of any small thing, then lighting is necessary. According to the light effects, you have to change the place of the thing of which you want to click the picture. Instead, having such a technology that will give the lighting effects like a "Studio" then nothing has to be set. Just keep it and click it.

There is a project designed by "Orange Monkie", who have invented a new studio that is foldable. It is called as "Foldio" - a foldable studio for your smartphone. 

Using this product, you can keep any product that you want to click the images from your smartphone. 

"Foldio" allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. There are two versions included in this product, a black version and a white version. 

How to use "Foldio" 

Foldio is a paper like sheet which can be folded and assembled with the in built magnets to make a box like structure. This structure will hold the device or thing whose high quality image has to be taken. 

Look at the image above. The person is taking the picture of wrist watch which is kept inside the Foldio assembled and put the LED lights on which again are in built. 

You get the fascinating high quality images which can be shared wherever needed. 


  • Compact sized which can fit in your bag 
  • Foldable and assembled into a box like structure
  • In built high quality LED strip lights for brightness
  • Get high quality images 
  • Different color backgrounds
  • Device useful may be smartphone or tablet or any camera