Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Electricity Cut? Use "SmartCharge" LED Bulbs

Everyone faces the problem of power cut or electricity cut. This creates disturbance within us with the feeling of "Work Halt". But as there is a new technology that uses a LED bulb, which will continue to provide light in your room. 
 So how be the life without "Electricity"???? 

Hence, Mr. Shailendra Suman, has invented a new technology in LED bulbs called "SmartCharge" which will light even if there is no power or electricity around. 

With this LED bulb, you will not even notice that there is power cut around you. Simply attach this bulb like your regular bulbs, and notice the difference after you switch off the button. The "SmartCharge" LED bulb will light the room. 

The technology behind this is a special "Grid and Switch Sensor Technology".

The bulb looks like any other bulb, but it has 3 blocks :
  • Intelligent control circuit 
  • Battery and Battery charging circuit
  • Inverter 
This is an intelligent light bulb, which is immune to grid power. If the switch was "ON" when the power failed the bulb will remain ON. And if the switch was "Off" then it will remain OFF. But when the power goes off, the switch has still the control of this LED bulb. Hence remains "On".

 With "SmartCharge" LED bulb, your work will not stop. Moreover you don't have to search for candles or emergency lamps. What you can do is just replace the present bulb with "SmartCharge". This will easily take care of lighting the room as earlier.

Just a new technology from "NO" electricity to "Yes".


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