Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Magnet on your fridge reminds when your veggies start to rot

When you open your fridge, some vegetables are fresh and some start to rot or go bad. When they start to rot, they will not show any signs but without your knowledge will become stale and not applicable for eating. If you eat, the health will suffer.

So, taking this into consideration, designers from Japan have come up with a "Magnetic Technology" for your fridge. That future technology in the form of magnet on fridge is called as "QR Code Fridge Magnet". 

Placing the small magnets on your fridge will remind you that which vegetable has started to rot.             
When you place little magnets that features a built in QR code reader, it will scan the QR codes on the food. When you have scanned the food, you can stick the reader in front of the fridge. It applies for all items that you keep in the fridge. Whether it is milk or vegetables or fruits etc. Everything is scanned by this QR code scanner whose name is "QR Code Fridge Magnet."

The color of the magnets changes as the days go by. Like for example, if the color is green then it means that you can still eat the item, if orange means the food is about to expire and red means it is rotten completely. 

This technology will improve the food wastage and will also help the children to learn the facts about the origin of foods and their process of fading. 

Features of this technology: 

  • In built QR Code scanner
  • Reminds about the foods that will expire soon with the display of color
  • Magnets 
This concept is awarded as  "Red Dot Concept" in 2013.    


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