Friday, 6 December 2013

Flying Solar power

When natural disasters like "Hurricanes" or "Tornadoes" strike any country, the local people get scattered and search for ways to solve the problem. 

There is one such device that can help people avoid the calamities. The future technology being installed in "Flying Solar Powered Plane", that is based on these types of situations. 

The device or the plane is made of multicopter, solar panels with large area and  wind turbines. The machine produce energy which is then transmitted by microwave radiation. 

Part of the energy produced by them will be used for maintaining the devices while flying and remaining will be transferred to the ground. The ground will receive via antenna. This type of system will be effective as such drones can produce about 50KW and victims will get saved from such disasters. 


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  2. This is really a Latest Technology News for those people who live near seashores and always worried about tornados and hurricanes. I hope this kind of device solar device are helpful to save the life of people and government should approve this gadget so people should aware about this.

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