Sunday, 5 January 2014

World's first transparent Tablet - "Grippity"

Today everyone owns either a "Tablet" or "iPad". These devices have made the life easier for all in their business or education or in the normal day to day life. 

The size and shape of the tablets change and evolve every now and then. There is always a buzz about the advanced or future technology in the devices like tablets or iPhone. The next big thing in the "Tablet Computing" is the world's first transparent tablet - "Grippity". 

As you can see in the image, it is transparent with a surprise of un-imaginary new feature, i.e dual sized typing experience for the users. 
The developers from Tel-Aviv, Israel, have innovated this device with the thought that  it will bring the future of erogonomic hand held device for the users in their living rooms the next Christmas eve. 

When you look at its overall design, you may have a bit of confusion of whether it is a tablet or a media center keyboard or a game controller or a remote control !!! Because "Grippity" is all of these. 

What can you do with this amazing touch screen, transparent , dual side typing device :

  • Rule other devices in your home from your arm chair using Grippity
  • Connect your TV 
  • Play games 
  • Work 
Grippity is special in the world of "Tablet Computing" because it is : 

  • Transparent 
  • Dual Sided typing facility
  • Use all your ten fingers at a time to type 
  • Multi touch display 
  • Uses Android
  • Download or develop apps for your specific needs
  • Semi transparent LCD display 
  • IR transmitter that controls TV or DVD 

The short video on "Grippity" would teach you the real features of it from the developers.


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