Friday, 10 January 2014

"Mother"- High Tech Future at your service with tracking and sensing what and how much!!!!

Your mother is always there for you to guide you, to correct you, to take care of you and your belongings. In the field of tech, the innovators and creators have taken this point into consideration and have developed a new emerging technology, called "Mother".

It was introduced in CES 2014, where the developers termed the device as "Mother" - a data monitoring system.

"Mother" -a debut product of, is a device designed to track the daily routine by a person using a series of Motion Cookie Tracking Devices

The device takes care of your health, body, alerts you when any unusual activity is detected, notifies you about the medications and tablets if you forget, measures the quality of sleep you have, tracks the cleanliness of your teeth, measures the temperature around your home, etc. All in one. 

That's Mother who takes care of all around you and within you. 

The devices' main part is its motion cookies that can be affixed to anything and track. They detect the activities going on at the front door or in the hall or anywhere you place them. It looks like a sleek and small device that has sensors inside it. It tracks and transmits to the main hub that is "Mother".

The image of motion cookie is as follows :

Features of Motion Cookies :

  • Captures and analyses objects when placed on them
  • Acts like a Thermometer that send the temperature in different rooms and also alerts when there is a sudden change 
  • Track your sleep, drinking, walking, brushing teeth, etc
  • Maintain the secrets 
  • Notifies whether you have kept your fridge door open or forgot watering the plants
  • With the Motion cookies around you can get notified about your medications from time to time or if you forget them to have these motion cookies will inform you about it
So when you buy the product you will get the following in the box:
  • A sense Mother which is the hub
  • 4 Motion cookies that are placed and attached to different objects or rooms
  • Two cookie holders
  • 2 straps 
  • 5 cell batteries
  • 1 key ring attachment for you to carry out 
Video from CES2014: 

Mother in action video :

Have you noticed that there is another device like Mother which takes care of your environment. And that is Ninja Sphere.


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