Friday, 27 December 2013

Control your home and environment with "Ninja Sphere"

Have you left your hall lights on and forgot to switch them off before going out? Searching for your mobile when you are watching TV? Missed an important call at the time of watching TV? Now all this can be taken care of with a future tech device called "Ninja Sphere".

It is termed as "Next Generation Control of Your Environment". With this tiny, spherical device installed in your home, you can get notified about your phone call wherever you are and also where your mobile phone is kept. The device lets you know that which devices you have kept on instead of switching off when they are not needed. For example, if you are going out somewhere for shopping, and forget to switch off your lights and fans off, then Ninja Sphere notifies you about the same. 

These are just few examples of the tiny device. 
Who are the developers behind Ninja Sphere: 

A company based in Sydney, Ninja Blocks, has developed Ninja Sphere. This is the next step in the evolution of interactive electronics. It connects and interacts with all the electronic devices in house and acts as as central intelligent unit which controls all of them. Like TV, Fans, Lights, Mobiles, Geysers, Cameras, Computers, Laptops, etc. 

It uses Wi-Fi, Zig Bee and Bluetooth to connect to the devices.

With the use of WiFi, any IP things like cameras, PC, etc can be connected and sensed to by Ninja Sphere.

This tiny, sphere shaped device learns the relative locations in the house using cutting edge sensors and builds a digital model of your home. It points the location of an object. It displays the details and location of the device on other device.

The control of Ninja Sphere can be done using your Smartphone or SmartWatch or even with gestures.

So, by looking at Ninja Sphere's technology, one can be safe even if any electronic device is left on. Now even if you forget, Ninja Sphere will not forget that other devices are on and need to be closed or will control other devices.


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