Friday, 20 December 2013

Be "Fit" at work with upcoming "Stir Kinetic Desk" in the future

Technology has helped out most for people related to medical profession. And still it will be taking the use of the same for treating their patients. 

Something related to the medical field, there is a calorie monitor or you can say a calorie tracker that can be used in the offices while you work. Such a technology has been innovated by Pasadena, CA company, who has named it as "Stir Kinetic Desk".

It is just like any other working desk in your office. But this desk is designed in such a way to inspire you, move you and take your creativity to the new level. 

Employees  can now throw away their desks and easily get going with "Stir Kinetic Desk" while working. Stand and track your calorie using this new tech desk. 

To be able to use this tech on your desk, you have to do the following : 

  • Set you sitting and standing height presets on the built touch screen

Features : 

  • Adapts to the employees' position
  • Tracks the calorie burned due to standing while working
  • Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer data to the Smartphone
  • Has modes like Move, Swift and Track
  • Its "Whisperbreath" feature the desk up and down for you to change the position
  • Adjustable height
  • Touchscreen input
  • It learns the patterns of your body position

Using this technology in your working place will enhance your productivity and creativity and simultaneously will keep you fit.


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