Thursday, 19 December 2013

Now washing machines will be controlled by dogs' bark !!!

Thinking of what you read in the title of this post?? You may not imagine this that as the title suggests there is a buzz in the future technology in the world of washing machines that dogs will control the machine with its bark. 

According to the barking style of the dog, the washing machine will act accordingly. The "Woof to Wash" machine is developed by a UK laundry company. 

The use of this machine will in the places where people are disabled and handicapped or when all the members in the house go for working and till they come to home, the clothes are washed readily. 

Dogs are maintained by most of the people now a days in their homes, by training dogs to wash the clothes in the washing machine with the use of "Woof to Wash" will help out much more. 

The machine features an unlock button and door handle designed for easy use by dogs. As soon as the machine is loaded with the clothes, then it starts when the dog barks. 

A future technology by UK based company, JTM service aims at the easier life for individuals who rely on their dogs.


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