Thursday, 9 January 2014

Play with "Ozobot" on iPad or iPhone - an intelligent robot

What you have missed in CES 2014, will be "Ozobot". Gaming on tablets and smartphones taken to the higher level by the creators by introducing a tiny, intelligent robot, unique of its kind called "Ozobot".

Termed as "Intelligent Game Robot", Ozobot looks like a small button like machine or bot that crawls on the tablet or iPhone while playing games on them. It wants you to play with it. It recognizes codes and lights on which it moves without you giving any instructions. 

Features : 
  • Measures about 1" 
  • Automatically detects the surface for moving around 
  • Color sensing technology on physical and digital surfaces
  • Can move forward, backward, sideways, etc
  • It has different speeds like fast, slow , pause, stop etc
  • Multi-color LED lights
  • Dual micro motors for variable speeds
At present only one thing can be said about it, that it is intended for game play.


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