Thursday, 14 November 2013

In future, your contact lens may receive text messages

What is contact lens used for? Normally people use it for if they have eye problems while reading or writing or working on PC.
Ever thought of using it for receiving text messages?? No, not even I have imagined!! It may sound weird for you that how can contact lens receive text messages. 

But this may be a reality one day when the contact lenses may be used for receiving text messages.

The technology next is "Instant messaging". Hence scientists have developed a new technology that allows electronic messages sent from any mobile device to get projected directly on to contact lens whoever wears it. 

Creators of this technology are Belgium researchers at Ghent University, displayed the curved LCD display. 

It is a fully pixelated  contact lens display as you see a TV screen.

Developers are also aiming at the use of contact lens for using it as "Sunglasses" that would adapt to the level of sunlight.