Friday, 15 November 2013

To explore ocean - Vertical Ship?

Till now we have heard of submarines, ships, etc. Found something interesting today on "SeaOrbiter"

 A Vertical Ship, that will be the only vessel in the world to allow 24hours exploration of the sea.
Sea orbiter, a dream of French architect Jacques Rougerie, is a mobile underwater home and a scientific platform that gives insight into the ecosystem. 

This ship will explore deep oceans down to 6000 meters.

This Vertical ship is designed to drift with ocean currents, getting power from solar, wind and waves.50 % of the ship will be submerged in the ocean and the remaining part will be out of the ocean standing in the vertical position. 

The construction will begin in the year 2014. 

The supporters for this amazing and unimaginable project are NASA, National Geographic and Ifremer. 

Its unique vertical shape gives an advantage of studying the ocean life from top to bottom of the ocean. 


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