Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disposable Batteries recharger - "SecondWind"

Stop!! Wait and think for a while before throwing any disposable battery. These batteries can be recharged and reused again as "SecondWind" , the disposable batteries charger, has been designed for the same.

Bring home SecondWind and recharge the batteries that you are about to throw away in the dustbin. 

Batteries are used in almost every device like laptops, smartphones, mobiles, etc. 

The option of recharging the batteries which are totally unwanted will now be in action again. SecondWind, is the charger that revitalizes up to 8 disposable batteries at a time. It has a microprocessor and a technology that identifies battery types and their conditions prior to charging.


  • Saves the environment
  • Full charge up to 90 min
  • Charge multiple batteries at once
  • Mix and match brands 


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