Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wearable iPhone Bracelet

Mobile technology has improved in these 2 years from simple buttons to touch screens and many more. 
What is next in the mobile technology is always a question in everyone's mind. Bringing to you the "Concept iPhone bracelets" which are flexible. 

The big name in mobile technology, Apple, is innovative in maintaining the standard of touch screen technology. 

It is making possible to create a wearable iPhone bracelet. Imagine that how will this concept work.
Apple is trying to get this revolutionary product possible with features that may include flexibility, wearable like bracelet, transparent, mobile phone, etc. 
Imagine how the iPhone will appear on your wrist when you wear it. Recently, Samsung has introduced, "Smart Watch" that is wearable touch screen device that works on the bluetooth technology.  

 Slowly, the next step in mobile technology is making its entry.


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