Tuesday, 5 November 2013

An "E-Velocipede" - The technology behind "Concept 1865" e-bike

In old times, bicycles were the only alternative for moving around. You must have noticed the old cycles, their look and their styles. 

As the time passed by, people started using cars and other vehicles. 

Now, BASF has come up with e-bikes. They have re-imagined things and put forth with the latest technology and brought into life new age bicycles known as "Concept 1865".

German design studio DING3000 in collaboration with BASF, have re-imagined the 19th century bike as a modern e-bike using advanced materials, featuring electric drive. 

The image besides is about the latest technology in e-bikes. 

What the "Concept 1865" is all about:

  • Enlarged front wheels
  • Electric drive
  • Integrated LEDs 
  • Detachable seat with battery that is rechargeable 


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