Friday, 1 November 2013

Next in the list of "Bluetooth technology" is "SmartPen" for iOS devices

Traditional way of writing something on paper has gone by and people are addicted to more and more easier functionality technology devices.
Bluetooth is a feature that connects mobile devices to share things or files.  Those who are constantly on notes to take down or write down something, for them LiveScribe is presenting its new device that can record, everything that the user wants to. 

LiveScribe Smartpen is compatible with iOS7. This new introduction of "Bluetooth enabled SmartPen", people will be more comfortable when pairing their devices to it as they are already trained in pairing their headsets and other tools to their devices. 

  • On or Off Twist Ring
  • LED status light
  • Retractable Tungsten Carbide Medium Ballpoint
  • Integrated stylus covers micro USB port
  • It is not just a bluetooth pen but a "Bluetooth Smart Pen" 
  • Easily pairs with your tablet or smartphone
  • Battery life extending over 14 hours of continuous writing

To make it work, you have to download the "LiveScribe+" app which is freely available on iTunes. You can download it from here :

Now start by downloading this app to your tablet or smartphone and begin turning your words into action.


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