Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Eco-Friendly Future Buses - Will run on cars!!

Taking into consideration the economic changes, environmental changes and pollution, China has taken a step in thinking the concept buses. 

According to them, they have thought of future buses that will drive or run on the cars on the road. 

Look at the image for imagining because it is actually beyond imagination. 

A large bus which is actually running on the cars and other four wheeler vehicles. To improve the environmental conditions or making the effort of not messing it more in the future, these buses will take charge of transportation technique to the next level. 

There are many negative conditions that everyone has to suffer like traffic, climatic and polluted air, accidents, etc. 

What China wants to build is "Stranding Buses". 

The concept bus or Stranding bus will have sensors that warn the vehicles running below it from getting very close to the edge of the bus. Also it takes into consideration the height of the vehicles. If any vehicle's height is more then the sensors again will inform the motorman to drive on the other roads. 

Use of Stranding Buses: 

  1. To save the spaces
  2. To Save the environment
  3. Occupy many passengers at a time
The Stranding buses runs or works on the electricity. The electricity to charge the bus will be taken from the charging posts.


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