Friday, 1 November 2013

Introducing the future of "Touch Screens" - Hands Free Touch Screen

Till now we have used "Touch screen" mobile devices, but this concept was just an imagination or beyond imagination before it was brought into reality. Today this technology is used in almost all mobile devices. No one is still using the mobiles with keys or buttons to operate. 

Technology is going more and more advanced and now it has step into the next step of touch screen and that is "Hands-free Touch Screen". This technology is actually named as "Ultrahaptics".

What is "UltraHaptics" : The technology or a system for creating haptic feedback in mid-air. Waves of ultrasound displace the air, creating a pressure difference.

Now few years later, you may feel the objects in the air without touching them. The movement of fingers will make changes in the front screen.

The hands free touch screen technology is developed, designed by the researchers of "Bristol Integration and Graphics Group"

According to the Bristol Group, "Waves of ultrasound displace the air, creating a pressure difference. By causing many waves to arrive at the same place simultaneously, a noticeable pressure difference is created at that point. With this method, we are able to create multiple, concurrent points of haptic feedback in mid-air."


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