Monday, 18 November 2013

Idea of using "gravity" to move forward using "BowBoard"

A revolutionary product which propels you when you use your gravitational force, "BowBoard". 

The scooter has a bow, frame and a spiral gearing mechanism that accelerates you to move forward when on the bow. 

It uses the most fundamental rule called "mobility". The amount of gravitational force that is produced when you kick its bow will decide how fast you move forward with this scooter. 

Look at the image besides. The person uses the bow to kick the scooter using gravity. 

Project designed by Chris Miller, has made this technology that converts into forward motion. This product is first seen in KickStarter, you can find out some of the features that include:

  • Durable aluminium alloy chassis
  • Longboard wheels 
  • Folding handle bars 
  • Sleek and dynamic design
  • Innovative spiral drive mechanism


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