Monday, 18 November 2013

Is it "Paper" or "Tab" or the combination of both ???

Till now, tablets have looked like this :

However, in the future, tablets will be as thin as paper and as flexible as sheets - Imagine a newspaper that shows live content!
Introducing, "Papertab", the world's first tablet computer that is in the form of "Paper" as thin and as flexible as the sheet of a paper. 

A revolutionary product designed by Plastic Logic and Queen’s University, in the field of "Tablet Computing"
This looks like a thin sheet of paper.

PaperTab  uses a flexible touch screen 

Some awesome features to watch out for: 

  • Bend the Papertab to open or zoom
  • Top corner bend to page or scroll
  • Thin and flexible
  • They represent physical windows 
  • Paper like touch screen
  • Fully interactive
What can you do with the use of Papertab: 

  • When it is placed beyond reaching distance it reverts the thumbnail overview of a document
  • When it is touched, it switches to a full screen view
  • A photo can be sent via email by simply tapping a tab of a draft email with a photo
In the current tablets that you use, you tap on the apps on a single display. Using multiple PaperTabs are ti be used together where each tab acts as a window for separate application interacting with each other. 

Future of "Tablets" - in the form of "PaperTab" is here. 


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