Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Matchbox sized "Woojer" makes you feel the sound

Woofer - a sound technology that gives an added effect for the sound from speakers or television. There is a new device called as "Woojer" that is a type of "Wearable Technology" which acts in the same manner but the only difference here is that you can "FEEL" the sound. 

A technology that will actually make you feel the sound from the speakers. If used with the gaming devices, this will create an extra ordinary sound effect for the persons using this. 

Designed and created by MOR, "Woojer" is a wearable audio device that enables users to feel the sound instead of just hearing it.
Woojer is match-box sized device that augments reality by translating low frequency sound into sound tactlie sensation. 

 What is the use of such device 

  • A good device for hearing impaired
  • Very good device for gaming 
You can connect it with any device like gaming console, PC, tablet, etc. Wherever you use it, the feeling of sound that it reveals is of the same quality. With a feeling touch !!!!


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