Friday, 13 December 2013

Wear "Smarty Ring" in your finger and control your Smartphone

Recently, Pine was innovated for wearing Smartphone in your wrist. Pine smartwatch designed by Neptune is a unique watch of its kind. Now have this in your finger and call it as "Smarty Ring".

Now you can have a smartphone besides you in a stylish way in your finger. It is not like a Ring Clock which displays the clock on your finger.

You check your smartphones daily at least 100 or 200 times. But you can just watch the same features in Smarty Ring which is Bluetooth enabled that can control your smartphone right from your finger.

Features : 

  • You will never miss a call or text messages
  • A clock at your finger tips
  • Controls your smartphone  with a remote control
  • LED display
  • Camera 
  • Alerts you when your phone is lost or not near you by beeping with a sound. This feature intimates that your smartphone is 30 feet away from you. 
  • No plugin hassles. Comes with multi functional wireless charger

This unique wearable tech device will be in the shops in 2014 provided it is funded and backed by others.

Be a part of this tech revolution and welcome the future of technology in the form of "Smarty Ring".


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