Friday, 10 January 2014

Capture any color in "Cube" and use it further

Did you find some amazing colors around when you visited colorful cities or colorful places around you? Then you must have definitely thought about having the snap of that color or copying the color and using it for some other time, right? 

Imagine about any device or technology that can fulfill your dream of having the shade of color that you just saw and saving it for further use!!!! Then the device is right here in front of you- "Cube".

Having some questions about technology in saving colors? Answer is here. 

Cube - a small and handy box, is designed to take the colors you find interesting anywhere around and have them for your use whenever you need them. These colors are captured by Cube and are displayed on your smartphone. 

Capturing colors made easy by this tiny and handy device. Designers from SwatchMate, are happy to introduce the future of color technology. 
Cube detects color shades from any surface and then displays on iPhone. For that your iPhone or iPad should be paired with the device. 

You can call it as a color scanner or color detector or color copying device. Any name suits it. Because it is such a device that does all these mentioned captions. Just place it on any object of which you like the color and click the device button to capture. In seconds that particular color will be saved in your mobile. 
Cube has an internal memory of 20 photos. At a time you can have 20 snaps of any color saved in mobiles. 

Have a look at the video where Cube is in action : 

The co-founders, Paul Peng, Djordje Dikic and Rocky Liang designed Cube that works best for designers and artists as it inspires them the colors from nature. It gives them a choice of different colors from which they can use.

 Features :
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Beautiful design
  • Smart capturing device
  • One button operation

Designed for interior designers, photographers, graphic designers, brand managers, etc.

When you want to paint the house, want to use the color of the flower you saw in the garden yesterday, then take the use of  SwatchMate Cube.


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