Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Get informed of emails, text messages and calls with "Casio Bluetooth Watch"

Bluetooth connects all tech devices together. As stated in one of the posts, "SmartPens" are the next in the list of Bluetooth technology, now we have a "Casio Watch" that performs with the Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology. 

Bluetooth technology is used to connect your phones with headphones or speakers. With the use of this smart technology, you will be able to do lot many things in the near future. 

The "Casio Watch" uses Bluetooth 4.0 smart technology that connects with your iPhone, syncs with it to inform the wearer about emails, text messages and phone calls. 

Also you can transfer your photos to other users who are using Apple handsets.

  • Control music on your iPhone from your watch
  • Watch settings, alarm times, timers, and other settings can be controlled from your phone
  • Get notifications about incoming calls 
  • Notifications of emails 
  • Calender alert
  • Alerts when a new Facebook friend sends you a friend request
  • Also alerts about other social media like twitter followers
  • Alerts your when your phone is going to be out of range of the watch
  • You can easily locate your phone 
A cool way to get notified about incoming calls and other notifications.


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