Sunday, 27 October 2013

A "Wrist Watch" that can listen

Ever heard or thought of any tech gadget that can help deaf parents hear their babies' cries!!!!! I haven't heard of. Hence when I was just surfing, found something interesting and unbelievable in the world of future tech gadgets. 

Well what actually is unbelievable that gets innovated today. Technology has left behind all the physical barriers and overcome them with great new innovations like Ring Clock, Flying Cars and so on.  

A kind of toy that is kept at the crib with the baby that informs the wearer of the watch "Listening Wrist Watch". If the child's parents are unable to hear their child's noise or voice due to disability to hear, then this tech gadget will give them full support for knowing their child better. 

If it is crying, then they will get informed due to this watch. 

Parents struggling to hear their child's requirements will get solved. Thanks to Filo's Wrist Watch that connects a baby toy which is kept with the baby is the actual listening device. 

The main function of the Listening Wrist Watch is to realize the child's cries via listening device near baby and to inform the main watch wearer by lights and vibrates. 

So the need of the baby is fulfilled even if the hearing barrier knocks the door. 


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