Sunday, 27 October 2013

Technology in "Suitcases" !!!!

Suitcases are the baggage's that are carried by people while travelling, this all know. But have you imagined any suitcase hopping behind you and following your instructions without you to carry it and making your journey tiresome!

Dragging the old suitcases created problems like backache, headache, etc after your journey. Now leave all this behind and make your journey relaxing by using this "Hop Suitcase".

A Spanish technologist has come up with a new type of suitcase or baggage, called as "Hop Suitcase" that hops behind you following you with your mobile phone's instructions.

It actually obeys you and follows you. You don't have to lift it up and carry it. 

This suitcase is connected to your phone's Bluetooth and send the signals to the suitcase to follow you. It stays at a fixed distance from the person. Watch the video.

Who says now technology is only in the form of gadgets, now they can be used in suitcases too.


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