Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Bonding Technology" via "Bond Bracelet" - Tickling your friends

Want to have some fun with your friends who are far away from you? Tickling and bonding made simple with the latest "Bonding Technology" with the use of "Bond Bracelets". 

A revolutionary product designed by "Indiegogo", which is just like a bracelet or pendant like. This product can be wore in your wrist and if your friend also wears it, then just when you touch your bracelet, your friend gets tickled. The feeling that creates in your friend and you will be made by this Bond Bracelet. Hence the name. 

How this technology works:

Wear this bracelet in your wrist, and ask your friend also to wear it. Touch it for a second, your friend will get the tickling effect there no matter where he is on this planet. 

The tickles can be up to 5 seconds long and any color of the rainbow. 


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