Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ball Pen lid with emerging "Laser" guide

Have you tried writing on a blank paper with a pen? How does the writing end up with? You must have noticed that without lines, the hand writing goes up and down which is very natural for any human being. 

So, a team of "Chinese Designers" have introduced a new concept in the "Laser Technology". The laser will be used in the ball point pen lid which will guide you through the laser rays while writing on the blank paper. This is called as "Concept Touch Tech Future"

How does this concept laser technology in ball pen lid work: 

While writing in the blank sheet of paper, the attached laser unit on the pen cap you can adjust the pen cap according to your convenience. The laser beam will make a ray on your blank paper which will guide you through writing. 

This makes the writing more accurate even without lines on the paper. 

The laser guide lines coming out from the laser cap allows anyone to write accurately.