Friday, 11 October 2013

Latest Mouse - Your Finger is your pointer

From the early stages of computer science, mouse has evolved in different ways.  Earlier to point at something on the desktop PC, mouse was used. With the change in the technology over the years, manufacturers have made it evolve from wired mouse to wireless mouse and from wireless mouse to blue-tooth mouse.

Now when we think of a mouse pointer on the desktop or laptop, we never forget the old mouse type. It was like this: 

The device was attached to the CPU in those days. It has three buttons one for left click, one for right click. 

In some mouse devices, later on, came the scrolling wheel used to scroll the web page or any document onscreen. 

It had a small ball inside it which was scrolling when it was moved on the desk. 

Recently, a new type of mouse has manufactured. This device works on our finger pointer and directions. There is no need of wire to connect to laptop or desktop. With the move of your finger pointer, it clicks on that option. There are many options that you can do with just your finger. Not only click, but rotate, zoom, double click, and much more.

Introducing a new technology in mouse designed by Cellulon. New mouse looks like the image below.

Possible moves of your finger just will select that option or click or zoom or rotate. 

You need a flat surface and this device in front of you so that you can move your finger on any flat surface. 

Features : 

  1. Works on any flat surface
  2. Works as a multi-touch mouse
  3. Uses your natural finger movements
  4. Requires very little space
  5. Comes with less than half the size of a traditional mouse

Working of Evo Mouse: 

How EvoMouse works: (Video) 

This mouse:

  • Drags
  • Clicks
  • Rotates images on screen
  • Zooms any image 
  • Double click
  • Perform common mouse functions with the use of your finger
  • Right Click
  • Forward and Back options 
  • Draw using fingers
  • Digital handwriting 

No use of wires to connect to the desktops or laptops. This mouse has functionality of connecting via blue tooth. Also has USB ports.

Truly a good device who like to work smoothly without any space hurdles. Just switch on this device , connect it via blue tooth and start your fingers to click options on screen.


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