Sunday, 29 September 2013

Coming up in the near future with a new version -Robot Nurse

Designed by European and Japanese technologists, a new step in the Artificial Intelligence is a Robot - Nurse.  This nurse which is intelligent enough to take care of the patients by lifting them in and out of their beds to their wheelchairs, toilets etc. 

There is a cute Robot Nurse called as RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) developed by Japan's institute of Physical and Chemical Research. Another one in the same boat being Linda - again a cute Robot nurse designed, created by European engineers. 

For the nurse to lift you , you have to be of weight of 61kgs. You will find this robot a very cute device that is designed to be long, multi-jointed arms with an array of tactile sensors. This makes sure the patients are comfortable.

 The features include: 

  • It can understand spoken language or commands
  • It can lift up to 61 kgs
  • Cute robot that will cheer the patients in hospitals
  • It has wheels which makes it glide effortlessly on them


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