Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pen Sized Scanner

Have you ever seen a scanner which will fit in your hands like pen??? Well there is a new scanner which is launched by PlanOn System Solutions. You can also find this product in Hammacher Schlemmer.

A high resolution and high precision scanner has a amazing feature like auto focus lens. 

When you bring on the page, it will auto focus with a 5 MP sensor which will scan the image and then store in the built in pen's 1GB flash memory. The memory can save up to 1000 photos. As you use your pen drive  to store , same way you can use this pen scanner to store and to transfer to your PC. 

To transfer the images that has scanned and stored in the pen scanner, you have to do it by USB plug by just twisting the pen apart. 

When you buy this product and use it, don't forget this blog as there will be more exciting tech devices and future tech that will be presented to you.


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