Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mercedez SLS controlled by iPhone's free app

Hot new tech device in the market is an iPhone controlled Mercedez SLS.  

Introducing remote controlled car, more specifically saying, an app controlled car using Bluetooth for driving. Driver needs an iPhone with latest iOS version and there you are with a Mercedez moving on your tips of fingers.

This car is controlled by iPhone which has unique features with motion sensing accelerometers that allow the drivers to accelerate forward or backward. 

Drive this car using iPhone's free app, playing your music on iPhone. 

With its "Motion Sensing Accelerometers" , an iPhone allows driver to move forward or backward and turn the car. A dashboard is displayed on the app screen with a steering wheel and 3 pointed iconic star logo on the horn. 

While driving, a person can illuminate car's turn signals like left or right, brake lights, headlamps and interior light with a torch of iPhone screen.

 Your smartphone controls the car via Bluetooth. 

This product is marketed by Hammacher Schlemmer. Works best with iPhone 5, 4S, 4, and 3GS; iPad 3 and 2; and iPod 4th and 3rd generation. Requires iOS 5 or 6. Includes four AA batteries. 10" L x 4 3/4" W 3" H. (2 lbs.)


  • The lifelike features are the best
  • The iConnect method of driving this remote controlled car is unique and easy
  • Requires very less number of batteries
  • Control car sounds like the horn
  • Play your iTunes music through the speakers in the car
With its unique features, future technology regarding remote controlled cars will move on to remote controlled aeroplanes too.


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