Thursday, 12 December 2013

Try some 3D printed food - Foodini

Everywhere there is a buzz about 3D printing. What you cannot imagine can be printed with 3D printer. There is a 3D printing pen called Doodler, and now this 3D printing technology has entered our kitchen. 

A new name in 3D printing technology - "Foodini". 

Being a sleek looking machine, this 3D printer will print the food of your choice.Be it hamburgers, pizzas, cheese , nuggets , cookies, etc.

A 3D printed pizza at your service by Foodini!!!

Some sliders too!!

How about a food art!!

The 3D printer relies on the user still for providing their own ingredients and loading them into the machine for shaping and finishing. The end product means the food that you get is a real one as the ingredients that are used are the real ones.

Designed and implemented by "Natural Machines" company, this product is intentionally made for home and restaurant use. 

This product will be available in 2014. 

It is said that "Foodini" is a combination of food art, design and technology. 


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