Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why carry credit cards and debit cards, when you can replace all with only one - "Coin card" !!

Bulky wallet which is flooded with credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc?Too many to handle and take care of!!! 

Instead now you can replace all your cards with only one card called as "Coin Card". 

It is a card that will replace all your debit cards , credit cards and other cards that you own. It takes the identity of all your cards. There is a card-swipe dongle which is shipped with the device to connect to your phone. This will upload all your cards onto the companion app. 

The information of all the cards that you connect is stored on Coin. 

This technology of holding all cards and replacing it with just one card is brought to you by "Only Coin". 


  • Simple 
  • Secure
  • Easy
  • Swipes all your cards
  • Alerts you when it is apart from your phone


What it can do other than holding the information of all cards: 

This card which looks just like your regular credit or debit card is basically designed to swipe it just like any other card. It holds the other cards details whether it is your business card, membership card, etc. You can add as many cards as you want to it.

Tap the button on Coin and the information toggles. As it toggles use the option through the digital display of the cards stored.

There is no possibility of losing your Coin Card behind as your phone will intimate you about its not carried with you.

The most secure, simple, easy way to handle all the cards in your wallet.

Have a "Coin Card" and leave behind all the tensions of carrying and maintaining different cards in your wallet.


  1. Hi, its amazing, as it can reduce the need for carrying cards and also reduces the risk, by the way, how much does it cost?

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