Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thieves, Strangers No-No........Guests,Friends,Cleaners,etc Yes-Yes.....

People who take efforts to keep their homes safe and secured, will think an extra for doing so. In the early days anyone staying at home continuously at home was disturbed with unwanted salesmen, thieves, etc. When anybody knocks on the door, you never knew who it was.

 Moving ahead now there is a "Smart Lock" that will handle all your visitors and friends keeping away the unwanted ones from your house. This smart lock is named as "August Smart Lock" . 

This is a new look designed by Jason Johnson and Yves Behar. They developed this lock with an intention to change the way you, your visitors and guests enter your house. 

Using your mobile device, or your computer, you can set the names or your friends or visitors visiting your house without you taking an effort to open it always. Just set their names on your screen and the Smart Lock will take care of your guests when they are in front of the door. 

The lock will automatically grant them access to your house   even when you are in other rooms. A great technology that will also not allow anyone else in your house whom you have not permitted to. 

When you want to enter the house, the lock recognizes you and automatically unlocks it for you without phone being opened from your pocket. 

The "August Smart Lock" is installed right over the deadbolt. This will give you access to your old lock system too whenever you want to. 

The Smart Lock does not require any keys to open the door. A safe, secured system with the help of this new lock technology will keep away your unwanted strangers right in front of the door and respectfully grant permission to your visitors, friends and relatives.

Your mobile device receives the alerts when anyone comes and leaves your house.

Hence no strangers and thieves inside your house are allowed with this smart lock and others are invited.

You too.


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