Sunday, 27 October 2013

Go on a ride with "Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle" - A unique human transporter

Latest in tech this time an amazing product called as "Self Balancing Unicycle"

No cycling skills bring you towards this latest product by EcoBoomer

You can see that this cycle is one wheeled and has zero emissions. It is called as a self balancing which is a human transporter. It is electric cycle made up of only one wheel. 

This device or cycle saves the environment with zero emissions as basically it is eco-cool. It has facility to move around up to 19 mile range.

As it is said that it is pretty eco-cool with zero emissions, it is actually due to quiet motor . 

This unicycle is the "Hot" in tech today. Haven't heard of this type of eco-friendly tech device till now. An amazing product which will  grab everyone's attention.


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  2. It seems very comfortable while riding electric unicycle

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